Monday, 22 July 2013

Glenhuntly Car seat fitting Service

Glenhuntly Baby carriages is proud to announce that they have their own Car seat fitting service in Glenhuntly on saturday morning and afternoon.

Unlike other car fitting services around Melbourne, Glen huntly understand your need to understand how the seat works, that you want a car seat that will meet your needs and not have a single car seat  brand sold to you, instead we will help you decide so that you can make an informed decision based upon facts and not bias

We will work with you so that if you need to fit three seats in the back seat we will find a combination on carseats without preference to brand so that we maximise the chance to get three car seats across the back seat.

Regardless whether you are looking for assistenace or advice, we are happy to help as all seats sold with our store are compliant to the Australian Standards. We recommend that you have your first infant restraint fitted prior to the birth of your child. Please Do not hesitate to contact us or visist our store for a more personalised advices

Understand the facts about car seat fitting in Glenhuntly Melbourne so you can make a genuine informed decision based upon facts and not bias

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