Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Car seat fitting Myth number one

There are alot of myths surrounding car seat fitting, most have been initiated in order to keep the car seat fitting industry going, so that feel the only option is to get your car seat fitted professionally

one car seat fitting myth often given out  is - You need a Car Seat Certificate before you leave the Hospital

This myth is completely and utterly false - you do not need any certificate to leave the hospital, the receipt that you receive is a certificate of work done. It records the work which is done, the position of the seat, the make and model of the car and any other actions taken by the car seat fitter.

The Hospital will not check if you have the car seat work receipt.
 The hospital will not stop you from leaving the hospital if you do not have the work receipt.

Fact Car seats have been designed so that any one can install the car seats with full instructions on how the installation should proceed

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